Posters Guide

The posters you make to advertise your exhibition can be any colors, however they must be printed on 11″x17″ (tabloid size) paper so they fit in the frames in the hallway.  When you are designing your poster, remember to include the following information:

– Who (your name, the artist or in the case of a group show, the name of the group)
– What (title of your work)
– Where (address, and any other necessary description)
– When (Day & Time)
– Cost (FREE)
– Why (keep this super short)
It can help to look at other artist’s posters to get ideas for your own.  Avoid a lot of gray. High contrast draws more attention.
Picture 3 Picture 2 Picture 1

These 3 are all by Josef Muller Brockmann

 poster6 poster5

These 3 are all by Alexander Rodchenko