04. Attendance Policy

This class relies on interaction with peers and the instructor, which cannot be duplicated outside of class. Students who miss class are putting both themselves and their classmates at a disadvantage. Students are responsible adults and if they miss a class, it is assumed they had good reason to do so. Therefore, I do not distinguish between excused and non-excused absences. Students are allowed 3 absences before their grade is affected. Students are responsible for completing any work missed during their absence and for obtaining pertinent class notes & materials. It is suggested that you SAVE your 3 absences for emergency use only (when you become sick or injured, a death in the family, broken down car, bad weather, etc).


Any student who misses the final critique (see the class schedule) will automatically lose 2 letter grades off their overall grade for the class.  If a student misses any other critique during the semester, their overall grade for the course will drop by one letter grade per missed critique.

Canvas Roll Call
Come to class on time and be prepared to work. Class roll is taken everyday at the start of class. Class begins and ends promptly as scheduled. For every session of class, you have the opportunity to earn a P (2 points), L/U (1 point), or A (0 points).
P = Present, on-time, and ready for class
L/U  = Late for class / disruptive / late returning from a break / left class early / present but unprepared for class (does not have the required materials at class)
A = Absent

Only 3 absences are allowed. As mentioned above, this includes all types of absences (colds/flus, broken-down cars, family emergencies, legal requirements, religious observance, etc). If you go over 3 absences, your final grade in the course will be affected as follows:

4 absences = Drop 1 letter grade (10%) off your final grade for the course – your highest achievable grade is a B+

5 absences = Drop 2 letter grades (20%) off your final grade for the course – your highest achievable grade is a C+

6 absences = Drop 3 letter grades (30%) off your final grade for the course – your highest achievable grade is a D+

7 absences = automatic failure (do not come to class anymore)

3 L’s equal 1 Absent.

If you are absent for any reason, contact a classmate or myself to find out what you missed. I will expect you to be prepared for the next class day like everyone else. If you have trouble attending class for any reason (national guard service, a documented disability, etc), please discuss your attendance problems privately with me before/after class. Clear communication BEFORE it becomes a problem is key to solving these issues. Check the status of your attendance regularly if you are concerned. If you come to class late, make sure it’s not marked as an absence. If I do not hear you during role call, it is your responsibility to speak up, otherwise you will be marked absent. Keeping track of your attendance grade is your responsibility, not the instructor’s. You cannot notify me a few days later that you were late.


NOTE – Observance of Religious Holy Days:
Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to observation of a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor, in writing, by the second class meeting.